How UCSF Has Extended Profiles

OpenSocial is a standard API for running embedded applications (gadgets) within a containing website.

OpenSocial is supported by industry and research leaders such as Google, LinkedIn, Nature Network, and Elsevier SciVerse.

UCSF has built a shareable library of OpenSocial applications to extend Profiles functionality. This extension supports the OpenSocial standard and is available to any institution that wants to utilize these gadgets. Find out how at Open Research Networking Gadgets (ORNG).

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Learn more about OpenSocial:

Profile Enhancement Gadgets

  • Mentorship GadgetFaculty Mentoring: This gadget allows users to add data to their profile that indicates their interest in mentoring faculty. It includes mentor types, a mentor-focused narrative and contact information.

    See an example

  • Featured Presentations GadgetFeatured Presentations: Profile owners can add presentations to their profile with this gadget. Presentations are hosted at Slideshare.

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  • Websites GadgetWebsites: This gadget supports including links to the profile owner’s lab, department, or other research sites - requested by more users than any other gadget.

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Utility Gadgets

  • Google Search GadgetGoogle Search: This gadget broadens the existing Profiles search to include the free-text fields like the profile narrative and awards.

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  • Profile List ToolCreate a Group Tool: This tool allows logged-in users to build a list of profiles, based on search results, co-author networks or profile-by-profile. A UCSF Chatter group can be automatically generated from the list.

    To see it in action, login and look for the gadget in the left column of any profile page.

    An extended version of this gadget is available to certain users, allowing export of selected data from the profiles in the list for administrative purposes. Please contact us for more information.

  • Publication Export GadgetPublications Export: This tool allows logged-in users to export publications from any profile, in different formats. Easily convert PMIDs to PMCIDs and more.

    To see it in action, login and look for the gadget at the bottom left column of any profile page.